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                    Traditionally 'Saaware' is a folk song said to be narrating the emotions of Gopikas waiting for Kanha (Krishna) on the banks of Yamuna River. Kaushal’s version of ‘Saaware’ is a blend of traditional song and a freshly composed melody with new lyrics. Sung by two vocalists one western and another classical the arrangement of the song makes it a Future House/Bass song but it has the presence of tabla in it too. All these elements make it a song where music of two different eras come together.



Composition & Lyrics : Kaushal VG Arrangement & Production : Pranav-Ganesh

Vocals : Vanshita Saini & Gauri Pathare

Vocal Arrangement : Manohith

Vocal Designing : Varun Bidye & Kaushal VG

Recording : Vishal Bhoir (P.R. Studio), Kaushal VG (The Playlist Recording Studio)

Mixing & Mastering : Vishal Bhoir (P.R. Studios), Pranav-Ganesh (Key Tunes Studio)

Live Guitars : Michael Jose & Aryan Vishwakarma

Live Tabla : Bhushan Gaikar



Direction & Editing : Kaushal VG

Staring : Kristy Jojo & Bhagyesh Hendre

Featuring : Vanshita Saini

Supporting : Riya Vishwakarma, Amit Khadka, Prathamesh Dahiwade, Prashant Kokambe, Deasin Dominic

Story : Kaushal VG , Aryan Vishwakarma

Videography : Deasin Dominic

Production Team : Aryan Vishwakarma, Allen Jake, Prathamesh Dahiwade

Costumes : Riya Vishwakarma

Location : Konark River City (Panvel), Friend's Cafe (Rasayani)

Marketing Strategies : Imtiyaz Siddique, Kaushal VG

Poster Designs : Akash Godivale

Promotional Photo Edits : Prathamesh Dahiwade

Distribution : Arun Nair (Believe Digital)

Label : ALOP (A Lot Of People) Music

Special Thanks : Dr. Santosh Borade (Jeevan Sangeet), Majid Shaikh (Dream Studios), Viraj Daki (P.R. Studios), Gaurav Gaikar, Rohan Patil, Omkar Oak, Jay Malkar

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