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'The paint in your mind, is the print on reality.'

-Kaushal VG



'The source'

 Kaushal VG made his debut in 2019 with is first original song 'TUM ZINDAGI' . A lot of people helped him to make it possible and it wouldn’t be possible if it was not for these people. He said, " Where ever I stand in my life today and where ever I will stand tomorrow, is and will be because of the people who were and are part of my life, doesn’t matter for how long. I can’t thank anyone enough. Even if they’ve made me smile once, that one smile has some where made me who I am".

Kaushal believes, 'There's no good, theres no bad, its just an ocean of choices and the waves of consequences,

again neither good nor bad.'

               Kaushal VG is a self taught independent song writer from a small town Mohopada, situated in Khalapur, District Raigad, Maharashtra, India. He began his music career in 2019 when he founded his music label 'A Lot Of People Music' also known as 'ALOP Music'. His debut single 'Tum Zindagi' was released in 2019. Till date, Kaushal has written and contributed to multiple songs of various genres.

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